First Grade

First Grade

ABCYA First Grade Games
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Animals Symbaloo

Media Symbaloo


Clock Wise 
Create A Graph 
Identifying Time to the Hour 
MathSURF - Scott Foresman worksheets for each math chapter 
Primary Games - online clock 
Snapdragon Time - set the clock to the proper time 
Soft Schools  math and literacy games 
Tally Marks 
Telling Time 
Time - learn about time 
What Time is it?  



Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics 
Dr. Seuss Activities 
Poetry4Kids-helpful link to cover poetry standards


Bear Facts - Bear Facts and Photos

Frogs - various types of frogs

National Geographic Kids

Pumpkin Carving - carve a virtual pumpkin

Science Clips

Weird Frog Facts - strange facts about frog

Force - Push and Pull Activities

Biology for Kids - information about life on Earth

Social Studies

Northpole games and stories 
Thanksgiving Activities - word search, puzzles, coloring



Burton's Room computer skills and activities
PBS - PBS kids including music, games, and coloring