Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade


Area and Perimeter 
Create A Graph 

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Web-based tutorials to help students learn and understand math concepts 

Spreadsheets & Shopping 



Dictionary Online dictionary
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Find synonyms and antonyms 
NC WiseOwl - Media references 
Wikipedia - Online encyclopedia
WordCentral - Student dictionary, build your own dictionary, daily buzzword
Fun Brain

Social Studies

Almanac - Famous North Carolinians, NC Cities, Economy, Geography, Government, History
Atlapedia Online - Full color physical and political maps as well as facts/statistics on 
countries of the world
Famous North Carolinians - People who were born or have lived in North Carolina

Lost Colony Webquest 
State Symbols 
World Atlas - Maps, flags, and geography facts and figures 
Pirate Reading Comprehension
Blackbeard Facts 

Biltmore Estate - America's largest house 

Exploring NC Lighthouses - A webquest to guide students as they study lighthouses 
Great Smoky Mountains National Park (National Park Service) - History andinformation 
Krispy Kreme - A place of pride in the Piedmont 
NC Historical Sites - Historical people and places in North Carolina 
Official State Symbols of North Carolina - NC symbols

Old Salem - Take a trip back in time and visit the four museums at Old Salem

The State Climate Office on North Carolina - Discover the climate of NC

Vance Birthplace - Zebulon Vance Birthplace, Buncombe County


The Piedmont Region
The Broken Spoke 
 Demographics of N.C. Counties

Explore North Carolina
 North Carolina information   

LearnNC - Study reference for students 
NC Counties - National Association of Counties
NC County Profile
 A Profile of each Count
Piedmont - Web Resources for North Carolina Educators such as County history and Carolina Clips 
Piedmont Land Conservancy
 Saving nature's special place in Piedmont North Carolina
Piedmont Triad
 Information on the twelve counties in the Piedmont
School of Gov't Library
N.C. county websites
Wikipedia - Online Dictionary 


Dwayne's Room - Learn computer parts, computer activities
Paws in Jobland - Career education 


South American Research

South American Research Links - these links are separated by region