Battle of the Books Frequently Asked Questions


Battle of the Books

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is it?

* A team of 4th and 5th grade students who read 18 books selected by a statewide committee and answer questions about them.

*   Teams compete with other Davidson County Elementary teams at a district competition in March at Denton Elementary. This is always an exciting field trip for our team!

2.  How does my child become a member?

* All students are invited to participate in the Elementary Battle of the Books.  Interested students will be asked to come to the Media Center to take qualifying quizzes for 2 of the 4 required selections. 

*   Parents and students should know being on the team will be an additional assignment beyond classroom requirements.

*   If we have a large number of interested students we may have to have some "cuts" before we reach a team of 8 students.

3.  What will the practices be like?

* The team will meet with an advisor and form groups.  We will then hold mock competitions using like questions from the competition.  The questions will be phrased like those that are asked during the competition.

*  Practices will take place once a week after school for about 1 hour starting in late January/early February.  Team members must have transportation from the practices after school.


4. How can parents help?

*  Encourage your child to read one of the books on the list.

Discuss:  Plot, Characters, Setting, Conflicts and Resolutions, and Genre.

*  Be a cheerleader for your child's reading endeavors!


5.  Does my student have to read all the books on the list?

*   IF your child is chosen to be a member of the EBOB team, he/she MUST read ALL of the books from the list in order to best be able to help the team compete in the competition.