General Information

What will I learn in Library Media this year?


Information literacy--the ability to find and use information--is the keystone of lifelong learning. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of the school library media program. Just as the school library media center has moved far beyond a room with books to become an active, technology-rich learning environment with an array of information resources, the school library media specialist today focuses on the process of learning rather than dissemination of information. The library media program combines effective learning and teaching strategies and activities with infomation access skills. (from Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning, American Library Association, 1998)

* Wallburg Media Center strives to provide materials that will encourage growth in knowledge, foster information literacy and encourage a love of reading.

Check-out Policies and Procedures

Wallburg Students are always welcome in the Media Center.  Each class has a scheduled class circulation time. 

Wallburg’s Media Center has open check-out all day for individual students.    

Kindergarten students may check-out one book each visit; first through fifth graders may check-out two.  Students are allowed to keep books up to two weeks and can renew a book by bringing it to the circulation desk.

Overdue Books 
Students who have overdue books are not allowed to check-out another book until the overdue books are returned.  While there are no overdue fines, students are required to pay for lost or damaged materials.

Damaged Books 
If a library book is damaged beyond repair, the student must pay for the book.  If a library book is damaged, borrowing privileges will be limited. 

Lost Books 
If a library book is lost, the student is required to pay the replacement fees for the book.  Borrowing privileges may be limited until payment is received for the lost book.

*If you or your student has a suggestion for materials, please let us know!