Help Us Build a Maker Space

Why Makerspaces?

"We are constantly bombarded with the idea that the U.S. is "behind" the rest of the world in STEM education, that our students need to be able to think critically, problem-solve and collaborate in order to succeed in the future they will inhabit. (Forget the fact that critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration are part of what schools should be designed to support in the first place.) Makerspaces provide creative time and, well, space for people of all ages to build prototypes, explore questions, fail and retry, bounce ideas off one another and build something together."  (Excerpt from:

What's needed?  Everything!!!  Here's list to get us started. If you can donate some of these items, please do so!  Send it in to the media center through your child and THANK YOU!

We Need Maker Space Supplies!

paper - misc sizes, weights, colors 
graph paper

construction paper - all colors

stiff card stock (or milk/juice cartons)

cardboard - all sizes (XL to small scraps)

cardboard tubes - all sizes (paper towel, toilet paper, mailing, poster)

clean pizza boxes (or similar lidded boxes)

foam scrap

paper clips

rubber bands - misc sizes

rubber cement (or rosin if you have it)

hot glue guns with glue sticks (big and small)  *will use with adult supervision only


nails - long and thin
tools - hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches

hobby/craft knives

pins - misc sizes

needles (large/carpet /tapestry)

safety pins

hole punchers (single, decorative, and 3 hole)

fishing line (8-12 lbs)

twist ties 

string, thread, twine, ribbon - misc weights and colors 

yarn - any color

chalk (for marking fabric)

fabric paint

paint - spray, acrylic, or craft

markers - misc colors

dry beans/rice/pebbles 


Strawbees (Here's a link for what these are:

bamboo skewers

wooden chopsticks

PVC pipe - misc lengths

craft sticks (popsicle and tongue depressors)

tin cans - coffee can, soup can

wood - misc sizes and shapes

emery board (spongy core)

bowls - glass or ceramic, misc sizes

eye screws

safety goggles

cutting mat



aluminum foil

plastic wrap

modeling clay 

LEGOs and LEGO pieces

bags of marbles

assortment of small doodads and toys with interesting movements 



MaKey MaKey kits



card table (or something similarly thin but sturdy) 

rotary cutter

power drill with misc bits

trash bags
paper plates (any size)
plastic cups (any size)
plastic straws
plastic bottles
Duct tape (any color)
fabric samples
plastic tubs to store items
Tinker Toys
Lincoln Logs
looms (knitting and rubberband)