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Our Media Center is divided into different sections.  Below is a description of each one.

Everybody Section


Filled with your favorite picture books, our everybody section is well-stocked with stories about hungry caterpillars, brave mice, mischevious children, and laughable experiences. Everbody books are perfect for read-alouds, quick reads, or simply for admiring a simple story told with beautiful illustrations!


NonFiction Section


Curious about a favorite animal? Wonder why a historic figure is so famous? Daydreaming about space travel? Our nonfiction section is perfect for you. Satisfy your curiousity for the familiar or learn something new and unexpected!


Fiction Section


Nothing beats a good book, and out fiction section is packed with outstanding titles from easy readers to challenging chapter books. Battle a dragon, solve a mystery, go on an adventure, or meet a peculiar character. Let your imagination run wild!
Reference Section


Need an answer to a puzzling question? Our reference section is the place to be. Whether you wonder about a state's capital, a country's population, or the history of an ancient civilization, the reference section will help you get your facts straight!


Lounge Section


After you've chosen just the right book it's time to savor your mind's curiousity. Make yourself at home in a comfy chair and let yourself fall into a good story, stumble across an interesting fact, or be fascinated by a talented author's craft. And when you find a good story, don't forget to pass it on!