Remote Learning / Google Classroom Links

Below are the Google Classroom links for remote learning provided for each teacher's individual classroom. Please click the link underneath your child's teacher.
When logging in at home, students will need to login with their DCS username through Google. Their login information should be in the back of their agendas. If not their username is... the first three letters of their first name, the first three letters of their last name, and the last four numbers of their DCS student number (example: jorpet4714)
At the end of their user name, they need to put
If you need the password, it should be in their agenda. However, if not or it does not work, please contact your child's teacher. Once your student is logged into Google, they will be able to click the following link associated with their teacher!
Mr. Freeman
Mrs. Hester
Mrs. Hudson
Mr. Peters
Mrs. Smith
Additional Resources from Enrichment Classes