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Lunchtime Book Club

Throughout this year, students in 3rd - 5th grade will have an opportunity to participate in a lunchtime book club. There will be a separate book club for each grade level. We will meet once a week on Fridays during the grade level's normal lunch time. 
Students choose what book I will read aloud to them during book club by voting on their favorite book during our Book Tasting lesson in the library. The title that gets the most votes is the winner!
After the winning book is announced, a list of interested students is given to each teacher. Since space is limited to 6-7 students per class, I ask teachers to choose which students get to participate. Teachers select students based on behavior and the student's involvement in other extra-curricular activities. We would like to give the opportunity of being in Lunchtime Book Club to students who are not already in many school clubs or teams and who are also interested in reading or growing themselves as readers. 
Nominee books are selected with great care and are appropriate for the grade level. Many books were on previous Battle of the Books lists! All books have been positively reviewed by major children's publishing companies as well as on Common Sense Media.
Here are the nominee books for each grade level's
2019-2020 Lunchtime Book Club:
3rd Grade Book Club Nominees
4th Grade
5th Grade
I will start a Lunchtime Book Club in the early fall with 3rd grade, then proceed with 4th and then 5th.