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Wallburg Elementary School

205 Motsinger Rd | Winston Salem, NC 27107 phone Phone: 336-769-2921 phone Fax: 336-769-0967

Calling All Plastic Bottle Caps & Lids!

Ms. Richardson needs YOUR help!
From Ms. Richardson:
I will be in need of colorful plastic bottle caps for a project idea I am cooking up for the cafeteria (pun intended!) and will be collecting them for a really long time!
If you'd like to help me start collecting them, students can bring in a baggie of caps and give them to their teacher, OR let Ms. Richardson know and she will come get them from the student at school. Please rinse out all bottle caps and lids before bringing them to school! Thank you!
Teachers: I have a basket in my mailbox in the office labeled "bottle caps". You can throw yours in or if students bring in a baggie of caps you can put them in my box or let me know and I can come get them... whatever is most convenient for you! Just remember to please rinse the caps and lids first. 
Thank you!