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Classroom Management & Procedures


Classroom Management

P.A.W.S   School Wide Behavior Plan


Students at Wallburg will follow the P.A.W.S behavior policy.  Students will be reminded to always show PAWS behavior everywhere in our building & on the school bus.


                                                                    P:   Positive Attitude

                                                                        A:   Accept Responsibility

                                                                    W:  Work Hard

                                                                        S:   Showing Respect


Class Rules


We will use kind words and be a good friend.

We keep our hands, feet and unkind words to ourselves.

We raise our hands to speak & listen when someone is talking

Come to school prepared and ready to work.  (Includes having homework)

We will complete our work neatly and on time.

We ask questions if we are curious or don’t understand

Always do our best.


We will track our behavior in the classroom with a “Snoopy Behavior” chart.  Each student has a clothespin with their name placed on it.  All students begin the day on the color green which represents “Ready to Learn”.  During the course of the day, students have the opportunity to move their clothespin up or down the chart according to their behavioral choices.


*Positive behavior choices allow the students to move his/her clothespin up one level.

*If an inappropriate behavior continues it was cause the clothespin to move down another level to “Think About my Actions” or “Time to Make Changes.”

*Students who follow all of our class rules for the day will receive a hole punch on their snoopy behavior card.  Once they have all of their holes punched on the card, students may choose their reward for good behavior.  Then they will receive a new “Snoopy Card”.

*Those students who have to clip down will turn their card into Mrs. Cox and not receive a hole punch for the day.  Their card will be returned the next morning so that they may start the new day with a fresh start.

*I talk with each student about how they can make better choices so that they are able to clip up.  It is very important to me that they understand that they just need to correct the behavior, not that they are bad.  I want them to understand that we all make mistakes.  But we want to try to learn from our mistakes as well.


Clip Chart Advantages

-Students are acknowledged for positive behavior choices.

-Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they make good choices and clip up.

-Students who have had to clip down always have the opportunity to improve and clip up later in the day.  They continue to stay motivated and make positive behavior choices.

-Our goal is that they learn to monitor their own behavior so that we can focus on learning.


Behavior Chart Colors


                                                               Purple -  Outstanding Day

                                                              Blue -       Making Great Choices

                                                              Green -    Great Day

                                                              Yellow -  Think About My Actions

                                                              Orange -  Time to Make Changes

                                                              Red -         Note Home


Students will color their “PAW” calendar at the end of the day.  These will stay in their yellow folder each day.


AT NO TIME WILL WE TOLERATE:  Cursing, hurting another student in any way, teasing, stealing, cheating, or being destructive to school property.  In the event that a student hurts another student physically or verbally, they will automatically clip down to red and write a note home.   If the behavior continues, they will be referred to the office to speak with an administrator.


Our classroom will be a safe & happy place where students are encouraged to work and learn together.


Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or concerns.   You may also sign up with our Remind account.  This will allow you to send questions or messages directly to my cell phone.  I check all messages throughout the day and at home in the evenings.  I am here for you and hope my classroom is a place where teacher, students, and parents can work together to achieve the highest level of success.



Phone:  336-769-2921

Notes:   Please send hand written notes inside your child’s yellow homework folder