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Classroom Expectations and Procedures

                                    The ABC’s of our Class


Absences:  If your child is absent from school, an excuse note is due within 3 days of the absence in order for it to be counted as excused.


Behavior Plan-This year at Wallburg we will be following the ROARS behavior policy.  Students will be reminded to always show ROARS behavior everywhere in the building

 R: Respectful

O: On Task

A: Aiming for Excellence

R:  Responsible

S: Safe

We will tracking behavior using a clip chart behavior management system. 





Students will record in their agendas their Dojo points in their agenda each night.  Please check the agenda and sign each night. 



Birthdays:  You may send a special snack for your child’s birthday if you would like.  Please send a note ahead of time.  Due to Davidson County’s Wellness Policy, we must serve all items after lunch and they must be commercially prepared.


Book Club Orders:  Students may order books through the Scholastic Clubs.  For each book that is ordered our class receives bonus points, which we use to buy books for our class library.  You may order online.


Communication:  Communication is essential for a successful year! Please feel free to send a note, call or email ([email protected]) with any concerns or questions you may have.  I will be communicating regularly through parent notes, weekly newsletters, progress reports, report cards, conferences and phone calls.


Enrichment-Students will have enrichment on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  


Homework:  Each week your child’s homework that will be sent on Mondays and due at the end of the week. 


Library Books: Your child will be able to check out books from the library each visit.  Please keep in your child’s book bag.



Lunch:  Lunch for our class is 11:20-11:50. 


Medication:  Anytime your child needs to be given medication at school, please fill out the medication form that can be picked up in the office.  All medication must come to school in the original vial. 


Parties:  We hope to have 2 parties during the year: Christmas and End of year.  We will also have several special snack celebrations to celebrate and correlate with the holidays or special events in our classroom. 


Snack: Each day your child will be allowed to eat a quick nutritional snack from home.  Please send the snack daily.  Also please try to make sure the snack is easy to be opened by your child.


Tardiness:  Please make sure you child arrives to school on time.  The building opens at 7:20. Students need to be in their seats and ready to learn at 8:00.  It is very important that your child has had time to unpack and not feel rushed.


Transportation:  If your child’s dismissal time changes, please send us a note specifying the change.  We must have written permission from the parents to change a child’s transportation.  If your child rides in a car, please let him/her at the walkway each morning and we will bring him/her out in the afternoon.


Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer.


Thank you in advance for all you of your support and I look forward to a wonderful year!!