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Grading Procedures

Grading Scale
100 - 90   A
  89 - 80   B
  79 - 70   C
  69 - 60   D
Below 60 F
In Math and Reading, students will receive both minor and major grades.  Minor grades would include things such as classwork and quizzes.  Minor grades count for 40% of the overall grade.  Major grades would be large projects and tests.  Major grades count for 60% of the overall grade.  In Science and Social Studies, all grades are equally weighted (will be entered into Powerschool as minor grades).  
To keep up with your child's grades and assignments, it is vitally important that you sign up for Powerschool access, which you can do by stopping by the front office with your ID.  You will get up to date info on grades and missing assignments.